Understanding How Viewers Really Watch Tv

Using our Eye-Spy headcam approach to see first-hand how viewers engage with This Morning to inform editorial direction and commercial sales stories.

Nurturing A Brand Identity For The Digital Age

Working with Gumtree and design agency Koto, to provide consumer insight to guide the Gumtree brand refresh journey.

Revamping The Charity Shop Brand

Using ethnographic techniques as fuel to create a range of new brand concepts for the future of Oxfam stores across the UK.

Eliciting Emotionally Rich Home Truths

Sitting down with homeowners across the UK to create a series of audio and photographic memoirs chronicling the meaning of happiness in relation to the home.

Illuminating The Technology Path To Purchase

Identifying needs, motivations and paths to purchase, to showcase the role and value of technology in the lives of Time Inc. audiences.


Uncovering behaviour change strategies to drive phone and face-to-face takeaway collectors onto the Just Eat platform.

Decoding The Thriller Genre

Utilising semiotics with an innovative digital approach to investigate thriller genre fandom.

Putting A New Twist On A British Classic

Deploying wearable technology to capture real time drinking occasions, to inform potential marketing platforms for the launch of Croft Twist.

Creating A Cracker Of A Christmas Catalogue

Engaging Not On The High Street current and lapsed customers in conversation to develop a set principles to inform product itinerary and page design for future seasonal print communications.

Putting The Shock Back Into Drink Driving

Delving deep into the shocking world of high risk-taking drink drivers to create a new communications platform to underpin the THINK! Drink Drive Campaign.

Unleashing A Tasty New Creative Strategy

Working with Superfans of Rice Krispies Squares to unlock the future creative direction for the brand campaign.

Unmasking The Secret Lives Of 8 Year Olds

Delving into the world of tween girls to explore 21st century fandom for Top Of The Pops and Girl Talk magazine.